Bitcoin Bull Market Potential Hints at LTH Bias Ratio

• Long-term holders’ bias ratio hints at Bitcoin’s potential return to bull market
• UK yields skyrocket to levels echoing last year’s pension crisis
• Fed forecasts ‘mild recession’ in 2023

Bitcoin’s Potential Return to Bull Market

The Bitcoin Long-Term Holder (LTH) volume-to-exchanges bias ratio has been showing an interesting trend, with LTHs sending more coins in profit to exchanges compared to coins in loss. Currently, at a ratio of 1.73, this dominance has caught the attention of many in the crypto space. But what does this mean for the future of the market?

Critical Factor that Determines Bull or Bear Market

Discovering the critical factor that will determine if we’re entering a new bull market or heading into a prolonged bear market is key. AlphaInsights explores how this volume-to-exchanges bias ratio and its influence on determining bull and bear market cycles can be further understood.

UK Yields Skyrocket

Separately, UK yields have skyrocketed to levels echoing those seen during last year’s pension crisis. The Federal Reserve also recently forecasted a ‚mild recession‘ for 2023, which may have contributed further downward pressure on Bitcoin prices as it tumbled below $26K causing a $120M liquidation storm over recent days.

Mysterious Bitcoin Pool Mining 13% of Blocks

Adding fuel to the fire, an unknown bitcoin pool was discovered to have mysteriously mined 13% of blocks over the past day – although it is unclear who controls it or why they are mining so much BTC at this time.


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