28. Februar 2024

Cryptan launched in Spain a Visa card that operates with crypto-currencies

Cointelegraph en Español talks to Criptan CEO Jorge Soriano about a new Visa card with crypto coins

In Spain, the firm Criptan has launched a Visa card that can be used with crypt coins. Cointelegraph en Español spoke with the company’s CEO, Jorge Soriano, to find out more details about this and also his opinion on the situation in Spain.

The first topic of the conversation was the growth of interest in cryptomontages this year in Spain. About this, Soriano said he has noticed interest, mainly since the Covid pandemic.

„In Criptan, the volume has grown tenfold. But the most interesting thing is not only the volume, but also the profile of the people who are entering. Adoption is growing and the profile is no longer just users looking to trade. There are more and more ordinary people and non-technical users, but it is also true that our premium service is proving very successful because of the very tight commissions we offer.

He added: „The pandemic has accelerated certain processes in the current economic system, such as credit and monetary expansion. More and more people are realising that a monetary alternative is needed. Covid has highlighted the fragility and people are already aware that anything can happen. No one expected what has happened with confinement to happen. This has made people open their minds to other options. It has brought them out of their comfort zone and prepared them to absorb new ideas.

For the CEO of Criptan, this has changed people’s attitudes. „Before, they would hear a (fake new/sensational) news story and stick to it. Now, they are interested in understanding it better, they are more critical. And this is good,“ he said.

When asked if the political situation in Spain had anything to do with it, he replied: „What I think it had to do with is uncertainty in general. Of course, the political situation in Spain following what is happening because of the Covid is generating a lot of controversy and, as I said earlier, is causing many people to look for alternatives“.

In this context, from Criptan they are betting on removing the fear and mistrust that exist in the Bitcoin Blueprint world: „Our objective is to bring cryptology closer to people’s daily lives. We are betting on simplicity, transparency and closeness. Simplifying the complexity of the cryptic world so that it is accessible to anyone, even if they have no knowledge“.

And he remarked: „That is why we have launched CriptanCard, a VISA card with which you can pay directly from your cryptomonies. And CriptanPay, to allow any company to accept payments in crypto without any cost“.

Some people still wonder if crypto currencies can be an option in the daily life of consumers. Soriano said, „It is clear that for this to happen for the vast majority of people, it is still missing. However, we want to allow people to use their cryptomonies anywhere. I think it is important to start facilitating their use. If not, they remain an investment asset. After the launch of the CryptCard, we have received thousands of applications to use it, which gives us a lot of information about how interesting people are.

Some details of CriptanCard

With the CryptanCard they have made the effort to make it possible to pay directly from a crypto wallet, without having to reload it beforehand.

„You can choose which crypto to pay with and even, if you want, use your euros. Little by little we will be adding new features such as cashbacks and other surprises“, said Soriano.

To conclude, he referred to the companies: „We are noticing an enormous interest from large traditional companies to integrate CryptPay and approach the world of cryptomonies step by step. I believe that we are at an exponential growth point in the crypto world and we are not yet aware of the scope it may have. So all the people in the crypto ecosystem have an obligation to make the effort to bring this closer to everyone.