28. Februar 2024

Harvest Finance: $ 1 million offered for information about the hack

The DeFi Harvest Finance protocol was attacked this week. The teams are looking to recover the stolen funds, and have again increased the reward for information about it.

$ 1 million in exchange for information on the Harvest Finance hack

Harvest Finance officials explained their search for information on the hack in a Twitter thread . It should be noted that in recent days they had offered two lower amounts: 100,000 dollars, then 400,000 dollars. Today, the reward stands at $ 1 million , and Harvest Finance has listed features that would make it easier to identify the person behind the hack.

The responsible person (s) include flashloans, arbitrage and trading, they also have knowledge of Curve’s internal code. In addition, Harvest Finance notes that they are able to code smart contracts and that they have been able to use mixers present on the Darknet . The DeFi protocol offers 1 FARM distributed randomly to people who will retweet this information.

What solutions for the victims?

Harvest Finance is in the process of deciding what repairs can be made for the USDC and USDT depositors who have been affected by the hack. The protocol has questioned its community on the subject , and is considering several options, including an IOU, in order to create a fund automatically funded by the profits of the protocol. In the long term, it would make it possible to release a sufficiently large sum to reimburse the victims.

In addition, Harvest Finance has asked several exchanges to blacklist the Bitcoin (BTC) addresses that are used by the hacker. Most agreed … With the notable exception of Kraken, whose founder Jesse Powell was particularly harsh with Harvest Finance:

“Stop messing up your DeFi scam bullshit and expecting exchanges to save you. I will not accept your attempts to outsource the costs of your reckless and premature deployments . Invest in audits, insurance, and thank you for doing your own research. Taking responsibility for your losses is the only way to improve yourself. „

Harvest Finance investors will indeed have to swallow their losses if the community does not reach a consensus on how to handle the hack. Already, the project’s token, the FARM , has paid the price. Over the last seven days, it has lost -62%, and is trading this morning around 102 dollars.